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Who are we?

We are a friendly student club for climbers and mountaineers of all persuasions from rock to ice and back again. We have fortnightly weekend trips across the country and weekly local day trips suitable for complete beginners and experts alike. During the holidays we have trips throughout Europe, from sunny sport climbing in France to big mountain alpine routes in the Alps and frozen waterfalls in Norway!

UBMC is BMC affiliated meaning you get a BMC club membership if you join us. This gets you discounts on climbing gear at hundreds of stores across the UK and also lets you climb in a wider range of places.

Every week we climb at one of the four climbing centres in Bristol on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. Weather permitting there's also climbing in the gorge. We also run a PhD night at Redpoint on Thursdays for people who can't make the other sessions (That means no excuses for vets and medics or indeed anyone).

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Who are UBES?

The University of Bristol Expeditions Society (UBES) are the "other" club. They also climb but mostly focus on hillwalking. UBES are not BMC affiliated meaning club members do not benefit from a BMC Club membership. Many students are members of both.

The most important difference is their insistence that it's called body traversing, which is clearly inferior to body bouldering.

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Borrowing Gear

As a member of the club, you can borrow any gear you need from us, as long as we get it back...

The gear link above takes you a page where you can request gear so we can make sure you're not "forgetting" to return things...