President: Florence Wallace


"Yay now I can bring pretty tops!"
A third-year medical student, variously known as Florrie, Flo or indeed Lady Wallace. Her favourite place to climb is her local quarry at home, particularly when the sun's setting and she has it to herself. Most likely to be found "climbing" (i.e. having a giggle / sitting on the mats) in the local centres. May also be overheard in the gorge complaning about that ghastly polish.
Engineering: 0 - The Rest: 1

Vice-President: Chris Davis

Hits from the pan

"Jim's is really thick!"
An infamous fresher, Seshwani Chris is now a third-year electrical engineering student who's relinquished control of course and the north to wield influence in UBMC. Although you will regularly see him indoors, he's happiest when working through the VS's of the gorge.
Engineering: 1 - The Rest: 1

Secretary: Alasdair Cavaye

Crab people

"I'm not so keen on getting covered in shite."
A Scottish ginger from the valleys, Alasdair is known for getting the Queens engineering library to invest in a copy of the Avon Gorge Climbing Guide, which might make up for his heritage... Currently a fourth-year civil engineering student, a keen on the indoor scene, his true home is on limestone doing rad trad. Some say he is known as "The Crack Climb Junkie".
Engineering: 2 - The Rest: 1

Treasurer: Charlie Green

What a knot!

Known in club circles (lol plural) for doing a few things (and a few people). An honourable climber, who trains diligently at Bloc and is virally enthusiatic about powerful sport climbing in sunny locations. Now a third-year aerospace engineer.
Engineering: 3 - The Rest: 1

Training Sec: Robert Clarke

Send it sib!

"Yeah that's bomber, I think..."
Cruelly known as Little Rob by some, despite his preference for Original, Old or Vintage Rob. A PhD student in aerospace engineering. Adores Tri Cams and other esoteric gear. Will often be found at the bottom of crags faffing around with said gear.
Engineering: 4 - The Rest: 1

Gear Secs:

Riccardo Nino Scaduto

El Dorito Royal

"Would you mind pulling me off again?"
Another one from the relic cabinet, has finally made it to third year of aerospace engineering. Rarely seen in uni as he's either working at Dick's climbing shop or asleep. Any questions about gear shoot them over, he will know, and he will enjoy telling you more than you need to know! However, don't be suprised if you get replies at strange and unusual times as Riccy is known to sleep over 15 hours a day.
Engineering: 5 - The Rest: 1

Tom Fearon

After a hard day's trad

A second-year physicist with a keen grasp of bicycle dynamics, capable of Facetiming his brother and eating a handmade lasagna at speed. He is rarely at home, should you need gear, Tom will probably be able to find a means and a way to hop over to the SU and sort you out (even if involves cycling halfway to Cardiff and back in tears).
Engineering: 5 - The Rest: 2

Competition Sec: Charlotte (Char) Warner

On fleek

"I want second place so I can get a clipstick."
A third-year psychology student, Char loves a competition and has got a lot of psyche to take the club's competitive climbing further. We have some plans to help get people training up our sleeves, so follow @uobclimbing on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled...
Engineering: 5 - The Rest: 3

Social Secs:

Fran Luttrell

Product Placement

"Spillage is lickage!"
A vibrant second-year psychology student, Fran was new to climbing last year and has proven it is possible to pick up climbing (admittedly it's terrifying), and has improved at a rapid rate. She is super keen climber who is always excited to try new things and meet new people, so if you ever want someone to talk to, look for the girl (quite literally) bouncing off the walls. Good source of chips or anatomical earrings when inebriated.
Engineering: 5 - The Rest: 4

Ben Lee

"Once you've got a few pints down me I'm actually sociable!"
A second-year maths student, may require alcohol to fuel his socialising, but will usually be found bouldering at TCA! Watch out for a surprise psychoanalysis.
Engineering: 5 - The Rest: 5

A tie! Poor show by the engineering faculty..