As oversubscribed as ever.

Everyone made it eventually, despite some questionable tyre choices.

UBMC alumni Liam and Hugo paid a visit and brought a dog with them!

A pug tightly wrapped in a plaid blanket sitting on the forest floor
Not this dog, but they were both dogs... Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash

Saturday, Stanege


While not actually raining, the rock was rather damp. A stiff breeze also served to chill fingers and push the clouds onto the rock. The wind also didn't help when Dave decided he'd rather top-rope Flying Buttress, blowing a rope up over the edge and across the moor. Hugo arrived at the crag and sensibly decided to go home rather rapidly. Gemma and Charlie quickly retreated to the car. For those that stuck it out some modest climbing happened. Both UBMC and UBMC[1] backed off many easy routes. Though Riccy did eventually manage to find a dry patch of rock.

The most eventful of events was Chris. Chris took a groundfall and traumatised at least one of his belayers. It was decided that a precautionary A&E visit would be sensible. Taking advantage of this excuse, much of the club scurried indoors to The Climbing Works[2].

After what seemed like hours of bouldering, much of the club was ready to head back to the hut. However, on checking the time it was barely 2 o'clock. Resigned to their fate, the club continued contorting themselves on plastic holds. Finally, the clock reached 4, and those with cars escaped the chalky air to head back to the hut, ruthlessly abandoning those foolish enough to have arrived in the 9-seater.

Forced Fun

Along with the classics, this year brought a new addition to the forced fun games: a shoe competition. Judged by a panel of experts (Tab, George and Jim), the club's shoes were ranked from fragrant to noxious. Proud winner of the inaugrual UBMC shoe competition was new Rob.

Sunday, Birchen


While much of Saturday morning had been spent moping about the bottom of the crag trying to find anything dry, Sunday offered up a wealth of dry rock. Parties quickly spread out along the crag and began finally experiencing gritstone as it was meant to be (though doubtless purists would argue that damp is how they like it). A cohort also took up camp on top, surrounding the boulders with pads and being very modern.

  1. Birmingham stole our acronym... ↩︎

  2. This correspondent recalls very similar events in 2013... ↩︎